Stability for retail market in Q1 due to consumer confidence despite unrest

Colliers International

Colliers International

The retail market in Bangkok continued to be the steady ship in uncertain seas for Q1, reflecting the sturdy performance throughout 2009 according to the latest Bangkok retail report from Colliers International Thailand.


Rentals remained stable while occupancy nudged up 3% in the city for Q1. New supply was limited in the quarter with just under 7,900 sq m coming from “K Village” community style mall located on Sukhumvit soi 26.

Shopping malls will continue to dominate the retail landscape with around 250,000 sq m coming on stream in the next couple of years, with nearly half that total coming from Central Rama 9 on the Ratchadapisek – Rama 9 Intersection. The second quarter will see the opening of Paradise Park, following new ownership, renovation and a change of name from the Seri Center.

Only community malls show real signs of life in the other retail categories with around 50,000 sq m scheduled to be added by the end of 2011. The development of community malls represents a move away from large scale retail centres. “The oil price surge focused our minds on car usage and the development of new mass residential projects means a greater need for smaller retail centres serving these residents” said Dr. Patima Jeerapaet, Managing Director of Colliers International Thailand. Dr. Patima pointed out that since 2007 community mall space has grown by 70%. “They are now becoming an intrinsic part of the lives of many people in Bangkok” he said.

Future retail legislation points to a reduction in large scale development in the centre leading to hypermarket businesses such as Carrefour and Tesco Lotus continuing to scale-down future outlets taking the form of supermarkets and express branded stores. “The impending legislation is intended to protect the ‘Mom and Pop’ style stores” pointed out Antony Picon, Senior Manager of Research & Advisory at Colliers International Thailand, referring to the small traditional sole proprietors typically located in shophouses. “However the big players will now be competing head on with them by opening express and convenience outlets” he stated.  “The large companies will have the advantage of superior logistics and greater pricing power” Mr Picon cautioned.

Dr. Patima is optimistic about the future of retail in Bangkok. “Personal consumption by credit card is nearly 13% compared to around 8-9% in 2005 and this represents a significant demand driver” he said. The growth in retail banking is another indicator that Dr. Patima stressed. “In 2010 there will be around 1,950 retail banking outlets compared to 1,200 in 2003”.

While new retail outlets are likely to spring up in the suburbs over the coming years, what are the prospects for the retail market in the centre; restricted by limitations on future development? Mr Picon sees this as an opportunity. “We should not only see the retail market in terms of area, size constraints will focus the minds on utilization of existing space and the development of new retailing concepts inspired domestically and from abroad”. “Retailing, unlike other property sectors, offers more options for innovation” he said.

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Manager | Research & Advisory
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